Il Fontanaro Wins a new Gold Medal at JOOP – Japan Olive Oil Prize 2024

Il Fontanaro Wins  a new Gold Medal at JOOP – Japan Olive Oil Prize 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Il Fontanaro has won the prestigious JOOP – Japan Olive Oil Prize 2024 for the best Organic Olive Oil with our “Olio Fonte della Pace”! 🥇🇯🇵

About the Competition

The Japan Olive Oil Prize (JOOP) is an esteemed international contest held annually in Tokyo since 2013. This competition aims to promote high-quality extra-virgin olive oils (EVOO) from around the world, offering producers the chance to gain significant exposure in the Japanese market.

In the 2024 edition, over 500 olive oils from 21 different countries were evaluated. The oils are judged through a rigorous blind tasting process by a panel of top experts from seven different countries, ensuring fairness and unbiased evaluation. The competition highlights excellence and quality, making it one of the most reliable and respected contests in the industry

Our Achievement

Among this fierce competition, Il Fontanaro’s “Olio Fonte della Pace” stood out and was awarded the Gold prize in the Organic category. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to producing exceptional organic olive oil and our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Celebrate with us and experience the excellence of our award-winning olive oil, a true embodiment of our passion and craftsmanship. 🌿✨

What a surprise!

We participated at the olive harvest with the Pinelli family. I must say that the atmosphere that was breathed was magical. Then we attended their oil festival, along with a hundred other people. Fantastic experience that we will take with us. Grazie mille!

Endless flavour

Every time we come to Paciano meeting Lucia, we are amazed at how the simplest things can be the most wonderful.

Martin Moore