The Mill

The Olive Mill at Fontanaro

The olive mill at Fontanaro run by solar panels and the residuals go to the soil as fertilizer, this is why we are not only organic but also ecological.

We harvest every October, before the others!

Our mill by Enologica Mori is considered one of the world top technology and excellent olive mill

In the production of il Fontanaro organic extra virgin olive oil,  our target is to reach the  ultimate quality.

We are able to reach this result since we control all phases of the process from the manual harvesting in accordance with the old tradition to the pressing of the olives at our own technically advanced mill.

We  press the olives within 3 hours of their harvesting. This is the  most important requirement to obtain
the top quality and the highest nutritional benefits  and flavor of the oil.


During the olive milling, the temperature is kept below 24°C, to protect the subtle and diverse flavors that make Fontanaro Organic olive oil so special.

We are environmentally conscious and strive for self-sufficiency, producing enough electricity with solar cells to run the mill and the farm. We harvest rainwater for irrigation, and mainly use wood for heating.

We recycle all the garbage and don’t use any chemicals.

The waste products of the oil processing are returned as natural fertilizer to the orchard. Our commitment to the environment is as great as our commitment to quality.
At our farm we are totally committed to protect and respect the environment;

What a surprise!

We participated at the olive harvest with the Pinelli family. I must say that the atmosphere that was breathed was magical. Then we attended their oil festival, along with a hundred other people. Fantastic experience that we will take with us. Grazie mille!

Endless flavour

Every time we come to Paciano meeting Lucia, we are amazed at how the simplest things can be the most wonderful.

Martin Moore