Great friend for health

Great friend for health

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, great friend for health.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( EVOO)  has been known for its ability to protect the heart and, more generally, the arteries.

But more recently research shows that it also protects the brain.

A study by researchers at the University of Bordeaux (France) and published in The Neurology Journal,  the official news organization of the American Academy of Neurlogy, has concluded that EVOO consumption is able to prevent stroke in the elderly.

The 5 years study included  over 7.000 participants, the average age of 65 with no previous stroke, from the cities of Bordeaux, Dijon & Montpellier. They were divided into 3 groups, according to their dietary habits regarding the consumption of EVOO. The study took into account the physical activity, body mass & diet.

Data collected indicated that those who consumed EVOO regularly were less at risk for stroke than those who did not. Dr Cecilia Samperi, one of the study authors, concluded that regular use lowered the chance of stroke of For a healthy and balanced diet one should not exceed 3 tablespoons per Experts prefer that is taken raw, but it is not harmful in cooked foods. For its high percentage of oleic acids, it is high percentage of oleic acids, it has a high smoke point & is stable at high temperatures, making it one of the best oils for cooking.

Source: Foundation Veronesi

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What a surprise!

We participated at the olive harvest with the Pinelli family. I must say that the atmosphere that was breathed was magical. Then we attended their oil festival, along with a hundred other people. Fantastic experience that we will take with us. Grazie mille!

Endless flavour

Every time we come to Paciano meeting Lucia, we are amazed at how the simplest things can be the most wonderful.

Martin Moore