Another important achievement for Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fonte Della Pace: We are on the Gambero Rosso Olive Oil Guide 2020

It’s the 10th anniversary of Gambero Rosso Guide and our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fonte Della Pace has been selected to be part of this prestigious guide with 2 leaves rated!

What is Gambero Rosso?

Gambero Rosso is the leading platform for content, training, promotion of the Italian Food excellence; and it offers a complete range of integrated services for the agricultural, agri-food, catering and Italian hospitality which represent the driver of growth of our economy.

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What a surprise!

We participated at the olive harvest with the Pinelli family. I must say that the atmosphere that was breathed was magical. Then we attended their oil festival, along with a hundred other people. Fantastic experience that we will take with us. Grazie mille!

Endless flavour

Every time we come to Paciano meeting Lucia, we are amazed at how the simplest things can be the most wonderful.

Martin Moore