NEW HARVEST | 12 Tins 0,5lt each | Promo 10% Saving


New Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in tins (half liter each) shipped in a special box to maintain all the properties and integrity.

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Buy online our new Organic Olive Oil in tins half  liter each.

Last year our Extra Virgin olive oil has a  low acidity 0,05, and as every years is confirmed by the analysis with the same results.

Nutritions Facts:

  • Free fatty acids 0,05 % P/P
  • Vitamin E 3 mg
  • Polyphenols 789 mg/Kg
  • Peroxide Number: 2,17 Meq O2/Kg
  • Total Fat: 14 gr
  • Calories per 1 table spoon of 15 ml are 126
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 0 mg
  • Protein, Sugars, Protein  and Dietary Fiber 0 mg

Please remember to keep the bottles each in a dark and cold room.


Additional information

Weight 12 kg
What a surprise!

We participated at the olive harvest with the Pinelli family. I must say that the atmosphere that was breathed was magical. Then we attended their oil festival, along with a hundred other people. Fantastic experience that we will take with us. Grazie mille!

Endless flavour

Every time we come to Paciano meeting Lucia, we are amazed at how the simplest things can be the most wonderful.

Martin Moore