Olio della Pace with eco packaging

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6 tins of Olio della Pace with eco packaging – Buy online our Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil wrapped on a Eco Paper Box. This is a fantastic gift!


 Extra Virgin Organic Olio della Pace with eco packaging. (6 tins in total with 6 eco packaging).

Whether you’re looking for an Eco gift, or a hostess gift, or a birthday present. We have exactly what you need.

Buy online our Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil, Olio della Pace, wrapped in a Eco Paper Box that you can re-use for pens holder or a candy box.

You will receive 6 tins of olive oils of 0,50 liter and 6 eco paper boxes.

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, production is  controlled by the Chamber of Commerce of Firenze.

The year our extra virgin olive oil il Fontanaro Olive Oil (Olio della Pace)  is  very well balanced between spicy and bitterness.

It has been rated among the best Olive Oil in the World at the New York and London Competition 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Choose one of our recipes online to use your new Olio della Pace at:

And please come and visit us at one of our class to learn all about the olive oil production! We will show you our olive mill that run by solar panels and we will show you the entire olive oil production, from the tree to the bottle! The educational classes are long only one hour Monday to Friday, contact us for more details:




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