BLACK FRIDAY DEAL – HARVEST 2018: 12 bottles 0,5lt (41% Savings)

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12 bottles half  lt each. Harvest 2018.

Buy online our new Organic Olive Oil in dark glass bottles of  12 bottles half  liter each.

Last year our Extra Virgin olive oil has a  low acidity 0,16, and as every years is confirmed by the analysis with the same results.

Nutritions Facts:

Free fatty acids are 0.17 %

Vitamin E 3 mg.

Polyphenols 7 mg

Total Fat: 14 gr.

Calories per 1 table spoon of 15 ml are 126

Cholesterol 0 mg.

Sodium 0 mg.

Protein, Sugars, Protein  and Dietary Fiber 0 mg.Please remember to keep the 4 bottles half  liter each in a dark and cold room.


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