Olive Oil to read

Olive Oil to read

The best olive oil books to read this year are:

  • Tom Mueller – Extra Virginity – The sublime and Scandalous world of Olive OIl.  More info at:  http://www.tommueller.co/   http://www.truthinoliveoil.com/extra-virginity
  • Carol Firenze – The Passionate Olive, 101 things to do with olive oil. More info at http://thepassionateolive.com/
  • Carl Orey – The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, a complete guide to nature’s liquid gold. Revised and Updated 2016.
  • Fausto Borella –  Italian olive oil guide – Terre d’olio – The Land of Olive Oil – The new edition is coming soon. http://www.maestrodolio.it/en/guida-olio

    Olive Oil to read

    The Passionate Olive – Carol Firenze

    Our own book review. Discovering the True Elixir of Life

    What do you understand to be the most beneficial product for human health? It isn’t a product that you pick up from behind the counter of a drug store, rather one that you can find down any super market aisle. Carol Firenze incorporates different ideas that olive oil can be used throughout your life, in her book The Passionate Olive. She uses personal experiences that have benefited her, and ideas that have been passed down to her. The olive tree and olive oil, for Ms. Firenze, is the most helpful tools one can use in their house. It can help from relieving arthritis to removing ticks to being used as lotion for the skin. Her book describes 98 other ways that a person can use olive oil in their lives. The book helps to reader to understand the history of the olive tree and olive oil, and how it has blossomed into what it is today.

    Did you know that the first olive harvest started 6000 years ago in Syria? Also, did you know that olive oil is mentioned 140 times in the bible?  Or also that Hippocrates prescribed Olive Oil for curing ailments over 2500 years ago!

    It later moved west into Greece and kept moving into Italy, and in the Mediterranean areas. Olive Oil has been used throughout history, and told in tales of heroes and gods. In one tale, Athena bested her brother Poseidon by showing Zeus the olive branch and giving it to Zeus as a gift.

    The olive branch is also a symbol that was used in the Olympic games as a headpiece. Ms. Firenze talks about how olive oil has been used in trading and also as a sort of energy for people. It was used for candle light in ancient times. Olive Oil as described by the author is a tool that has been used as a benefactor for many people and has been used for thousands and thousands of years.

    Did you know that Olive is always 120 calories per tablespoon, and all “light” olive oils are fake marketing?

    The author breaks her book up into different sections where Olive Oil can be used around the house, for your health, to help with skin, and many other practical ideas. Her personal experiences truly show the reader that the uses aren’t made up and filler, but knowledgeable information. The recipes that she puts into the book aid the reader to understand how to create things such as a cleaner for the floors or a cure for a sore throat. The Passionate Olive is a great lighthearted read for any ages. It’s a book that you can sit back and have a nice chuckle, but also learn about the most significant and beneficial product that has been used during humanity.

    From Jack Porter

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