Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil Tasting in Umbria Tuscany 

Come and visit us at il Fontanaro to enjoy your first olive oil experience.

Here is a brief introduction on our Olive Oil Tasting.

  • The color of the extra virgin olive oil is not an indication of its purity or lack of it.
  • When you  do an Olive Oil Tasting usually the best oil is gold color!
  • The true extra virgin olive oil is the result of the first press of olives, shortly after they have been picked. Ideally within few  hours from the time they are picked.
Olive Oil Tasting in Umbria Tuscany

Olive Oil Tasting in Umbria Tuscany                                                                                                                                  

  • You will learn also to read the olive oil packaging  and to choose among all at the shop.
our olive oil tasting in Umbria

learn to choose among all olive brand what is the most real natural and good at our olive oil tasting

  • Two factors affect the quality of the olive oil: light and heat. The olive oil is best preserved in dark containers, away from a light or heat source.
  • If the olive oil is preserved under normal conditions, its qualities remain unaltered for at least one year from the time it is pressed.

Olive Oil experience – What are the steps for the olive oil tasting and of the preparation of the true “fettunta”?

  • First sample a single good drop of the olive oil. You should experience a slight tingling in your throat.
  • Next rub a clove of garlic on a toasted slice of bread, then pour evenly the olive oil over the slice of bread.
  • As a last step, rub half a ripe tomato over the bread.

The toasted bread, with the garlic, extra virgin olive oil and tomato rubbing, is now the “fettunta”, ready for the enjoyment of the palate.

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We are located in Paciano, Umbria, Italy.  Our village of Paciano, every year in December organize one of the  Olive Oil Tasting of  Umbria Tuscany. 

To book your  olive oil experience write to: countryslowliving@gmail.com or call us at Fontanaro, the Italian Country Slow Living in Paciano, Umbria.

Cost is 12 euro per person.

The olive oil tasting is every day except of Saturday and Sunday. Always at 10.30 AM.

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Il Fontanaro Organic Olive Oil estate is always proud to show you the olive mill and the estate and to share with the passion for the best Italian olive oil in the world!   Here at Fontanaro you can also adopt an olive tree. 

We have been rated among the best organic olive oil in the world 

olive oil tasting Umbria - one of the best Italian Olive oil

olive il tasting – the olive oil experience


After the Olive Oil tasting you can buy at the farm our olive oil or you cab decide if to order it online (we deliver world wide) and if to adopt an olive tree.