Sensory Analysis OF VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

Here are the results of our chemical analysis from the Certified Institute “Camera di Commercio di Firenze, Italia”

Sensory Analysis OF VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Olio della Pace, il Fontanaro 2015

(Reg.CEE 2568/1991 e succ.mod.)

Company: Az. Agr. FONTANARO di Verdacchi Lucia

Address: Via Vocabolo Montanaro 64, 06060 PACIANO (Perugia)

Laboratory Number: 3997/15

Panel test code: 199/2015

Based on sensory analysis (Panel test) performed on 04/12/2015 the sample is

Classified in the category: EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

With these positive attributes:

Median of the fruity: (Mf) (green note) = 4.2

Median of the bitter = 4.0

Median of the pungent = 4.6

Optional terminology for labelling purpose:

Extra virgin Olive Oil

“Medium Greenly fruity”, “Medium Bitter”, “Medium pungent”

When: Florence, 04/12/2015

From: The panel Leader  Franco Pasquini